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20 Years of Event Advertising

The Design Team at The University Union will be featured in this month's art gallery show on the second floor of the Union at Sac State. The show features design and advertising created by a collective of graphic designers for events at Sac State over the last 20 years. So come review our portfolio as we take a look at how far we've come. Consider yourself invited.

Show Open:
April 25—May 20

May 3 @ 5:30–7:30pm
University Union Gallery
6000 J St. Sacramento CA 95819 

Portfolio Review

This was a quick 2 hour design challenge between me and the guys at work. We're having our own gallery show in the Union starting at the end of the month, and this was my concept for the promotional material. Time was up before I could get the color worked out but thats the way it goes sometimes. My concept didn't get chosen but after I saw what Kyle had done I agreed with the decision. I love our office "design challenges," they force you to be creative under pressure.


Every year the University Union on the Sac State Campus has a "Open-House" celebration that over the years has grown tremendously. It's an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with what The Union offers to campus life. Students get a game card which has all of the vendors and organizations on it, and students need to visit each place and get a stamp on their card, they are then entered into a raffle where they can win cool stuff like Gaming systems, iPads, and lots of other fun stuff. The organization Director never wanted to call it an "Open-House," that would be to lame, so they decided to call it a name that means absolutely nothing..."Phlagleblast." (The correct pronuciation is Flag-uhl-blast, not Flay-gul-blast). Over the years its been themed in various ways from "Robots" to "Jungle Safari", but this years chosen theme is Candy Land. Here is a sneak peak at the artwork for the poster, which will also be turned into a full campaign including animations and free schwag like t-shirts, pens etc. I'm really getting the opportunity to flex my Illustrator muscles with this project. Stay tuned for the final artwork.