Joel Felix

Web Questionnaire

Website Questionnaire

Thanks for contacting me for your new website. To get started I've got a few questions for you.

Yes, I know filling out a questionnaire can be a little tedious, but believe it or not, most clients find that answering the following questions really get them thinking about what they want to achieve with their new website. I don't expect an essay. Just answer whatever you can, and it will give us a little more insight into what we can do for you, ultimately making the process a little more streamlined. Ready? Let's go!

Name *
Basics & Background
Content Management System
i.e. Client login, blog, search capability, email opt-ins, etc.
i.e. "I want to increase brand awareness, encourage sales, build email marketing list." etc.
"I want my user to know right away that we offer this product, and that I'm open on Sunday's" etc.
What must always be visible?
And do you want to convey them to your visitors?
Images, copy, etc.?
Copywriting, Photography, etc.?