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California Central Valley Flood Control Association. Yes I know, that's a long name to try and create a logo for, but that's part of the challenge when doing work for a government agency. CCVFCA is a lobbying organization, representing various reclamation districts throughout the central valley. I was approached about developing a new identity for the organization in October of 2009, and yup, It's now almost September of 2010. It's been a long process and the epitome of Design by Committee and Redesigning the Stop-sign (see video below).

There was a lot they wanted to incorporate into the logo. It was a struggle to include a levee protecting 3 main elements: 1) A cityscape (which represented urban environment) 2) A valley landscape (which represented the rural environment) and 3) some sort of wildlife. Combine that with a really long name and you bet that's one tough design problem to solve. For the most part I think we've come up with something that solves the problem, it may not be my favorite logo, but it is light years better than what they had before. I'll definitely chalk this one up for experience, but I can finally say that this project has been completed. Now to create letterhead & business cards. Let's hope that doesn't take another year.