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CommArts Typography Annual

To be included in the 2014 Communication Arts Typography Annual is an extreme honor. Especially when I saw the level of talent that surrounded me in the publication. People that I've looked up to (and still do) since I was in design school. Including the ever talented Erik Marinovich as one of the judges!

It hasn't' been easy working to reach my goals. Sometimes I feel like I'm years behind where I should be at my age but things like this remind me I'm on the right track and need to keep striving forward.

It's quite amusing to look at my body of work over the last several years and notice that the most successful pieces are the ones that are more of a self-initiated personal project. Don't get me wrong, I love some of the client work I've done, but it's those ones that I build from the heart with a simple joy that keep my passion for design alive. Which makes it even more gratifying to have them recognized by my peers. All in all a great way to start 2014.