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How–you Feelin?

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This is a concept I developed for an Emotional Wellness Project I'm working on. The idea is to speak to college kids about how to properly deal with a wide range of emotions they may go through. This direction plays off of the little faces (emoticons) we make after we send a text message, email or even a wall post or tweet. They help to express and emphasize our statement or mood and some people get really creative with these things. It's funny to think that this concept sort of says something about the artificial personalities and relationships we see so prevalent in this "social network" age we live in. But none of this is going away, so I guess I might as well use the language. These generic emoticon faces work well within the context of a tech–savvy youth and are universal enough to communicate their idea to anyone. So look for something along these lines to be coming at you in a few months. ;–)