Joel Felix
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Craft Spirits Carnival

Original brand development and poster illustration for the first three years of the San Francisco Craft Spirits Carnival.

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The Logo is the Poster is the Logo

The Logo is the Poster is the Logo

Originally inspired by vintage "Freak-Show" poster typography and the beautiful (almost psychedelic) ornate nature of western filigree, the poster became the primary branding element for the event.

First sketches revealed an idea of integrating common spirit bottle shapes into the identity. The following years allowed us to expand on that creating different bottle shapes with the circular logotype acting as the "label" of that bottle. 

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Celebrating the Authentic

Celebrating the Authentic

Craft Spirits Carnival provides an all-encompassing consumer and trade experience that explores the depth and breadth of each category of craft distilled expression. 5,000 attendees and over 200 craft producers participating in various events over 2 days. 

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Client: Firewater Partners
Art Direction: Plumbline
Role: Typography, Illustration, Branding